sinamics v60 and simotics s-1fl5


SINAMICS V60 Basic Servo DriveSystem with 1FL5 servomotors

The perfect solution for basic servoapplications

SINAMICSV60 with 1FL5 – Description


TheSINAMICS V60 servo converter has been especially designed to address simpleservo applications, where the main focus is on cost efficiency. With thepulse/direction interface, it forms the perfect solution for basic positioningtasks in conjunction with programmable logic controllers, such as SIMATICS7-1200 or SIMATIC S7-200.

The1FL5 servomotor is designed for operation with the SINAMICS V60 servoconverter. Together, they form an optimally coordinated axis package.


SINAMICSV60 with 1FL5 – a brief Summary of Strengths

·        Simple component selection:
Based on the rated torque required for hisapplication, the user selects the optimum converter/motor combination.

·        Simple commissioning:
The drive solution is commissioned by simplysetting parameters at the device. The motor data are already preset.

·        Complete solution:
SINAMICS V60 is designed for operation with1FL5 servomotors. SINAMICS V60 and 1FL5 motors, together with the matchingconnection system, form a ready-to-run drive system.

SINAMICSV60 with 1FL5 – Technical Data



Voltage and 
power ranges

0.8 - 2.0 kW 
220 - 240 V 3AC -15%/+10%

Types of control

Servo control (Pulse/direction setpoint interface to the higher-level control system)


1FL5 servomotors

Rated speed:

2000 rpm

Rated output:

0.8kW - 2.0kW

Rated torque:

4 Nm - 10 Nm


SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 – Typical Uses

The solution isespecially suitable in conjunction with PLC systems for positioning tasks, forinstance: Stacking and unstacking magazines, Indexing rotary tables, Indexingconveyor belts, axes and other transport equipment, Controlling simple,interpolating axes, Positioning servo valves, Positioning adjusting axesPositioning feed axes in simple machine tools.