cnc control retrofits



            Retrofittingis the process of replacing the CNC, servo and spindle systems on an otherwise mechanicallysound machine tool to extend its useful life. Rebuilding and remanufacturingtypically include a CNC retrofit. The anticipated benefits include a lower costinvestment than purchasing a new machine and an improvement in uptime andavailability. But there are often other unanticipated benefits to retrofittingincluding lower energy costs, higher performance and a new level ofmanufacturing data accessibility.


What is a CNC retrofit?

            ACNC retrofit typically upgrades the CNC, the axes servo motors and drives, thespindle motor and drives, and a portion of the associated wiring and relatedelectromechanical components.

Unlike rebuilding and remanufacturing, a CNCretrofit does not include any major repairs to the machine mechanics. A CNCretrofit should not be confused with a CNC conversion, where a manual machineis converted into a CNC machine.


Five Levels of MachineTool Retrofit Service


Level 1

Control replacement


Level 2

Spindle repair andretrofit


Level 3

Control, motor and drive retrofit